Dalszöveg | Tears On Tape


All Lips Go Blue

Hear the silent sigh in song A moment of calm before the storm My heart so violently beats along Leaving me to want to end it all I weep for the dream in a grave The one that made All Lips Go Blue I read the words on torn down walls Reminding me how much I loved you I leave bleeding yet another day The one that made all lips go blue It’s all for you The silent sighs in song…


Dalszöveg | Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights

1Salt In Our Wounds

Here we are in the maelstrom of love waiting for the calm to soothe our hearts here we are and don’t know how to stop waiting for the war to end it all love is insane and baby we are too it’s our hearts little grave and the salt in our wounds here we are right back where we began waiting for sweet love with open arms here we are just like before waiting for the warmth of that tender storm…

Heartache Every Moment

From lashes to ashes, from lust to dust in your sweetest torment I’m lost and no heaven can help us ready, willing and able to lose it all for a kiss so fatal and so warm it’s heartache every moment from the start ’til the end It’s heartache every moment with you deeper into our heavenly suffering our fragile souls are falling it’s heartache every moment with you we sense the danger but don’t want to give up there’s no smile of an angel without the wrath of god…